The Irish Living Urn

Grow a Living Memory Tree Together with the Earth of Ireland!

The Irish Living Urn® lets the Irish in America honor their loved one and pay respect to their cultural roots. This special bio urn and planting system includes everything to make it easy to grow a beautiful, enduring memory tree with the cremated remains of a loved one and includes soil from Ireland from Handful of Home packaged in a ceremonial canister. Grow a Living Memory with the cremated remains of a loved one and the earth from the land of your ancestors with The Irish Living Urn®.

Why The Irish Living Urn®?

For centuries, millions of Irish men and women left their green lands for a new life across the ocean in America.  Stepping into dusty great cities, or taking their chances on the wagon trails. Some fled from persecution, some from hunger, and some to simply seek better lives for themselves and their families. But wherever they went, wherever they ended up, home was always in their hearts. Their love for the Old Country and rich culture has been passed down through generations and continues today.

What’s Included

-Our Patent Pending BioUrn®

-Handful of Home Ceremonial Canister Containing 100% Pure Irish Earth

-RootProtect®, Our Proprietary Ash Neutralizing Agent

-Aged Wood Chips

-Planting Instructions

-Optional Voucher Card to Select Your Tree and Have it Shipped