Carefully harvested from the finest fields in Ireland

All of our products contain 100% pure Irish earth

environmentally responsible

We accept our environmental responsibility to ensure the sustainability and protection of the areas where are earth is harvested from. We’re committed to seeing that the land of Ireland remains rich, strong, and a fertile resource for generations to come.  Our processes ensure that the land from which we take are earth are ethically and environmentally managed to support re-growth.

us regulations

The movement of earth across borders, in particular from Ireland into the United States is highly regulated.

Our earth is carefully harvested, treated, and tested before being shipped to the United States under highly regulated conditions via our patent pending process.
We meet 100% of all our regulatory and statutory requirements to make sure that our earth is as pure for the land in the US as it for us in Ireland.

irish regulations

Our products are viable for export thanks to the robust set of testing by the Plant Health Inspection Branch – Plant Health & Crop Certification Inspectorate Division. They inspect our products at monthly intervals and issue us with monthly certificates to verify the results.