Designed to say goodbye with dignity and remember with honor.

The Handful of Home Ceremonial Canister allows each family member to lay their loved ones to their eternal rest in the earth of Ireland. Take a handful of earth in their hands, feel the cool soft land of their ancestors, and release it on the coffins or urns of your loved ones.

Remember your loved ones who have been buried or cremated at Halloween, anniversaries, or birthdays, by scattering Irish earth onto graves or into cremated remains. Honor those who have departed by allowing them to rest in the earth of Ireland, even in the United States.

Why do we remember the departed at Halloween?

All Soul’s Day is an ancient Irish tradition where a special effort was made to honor the dead. Traditionally, the Irish would visit the cemetery where their loved ones rested, they would clean the grave, say prayers to the departed, and leave a candle burning.

Handful of Home wants Irish Americans to be able to honor the Irish heritage of their deceased, on this most special day of the year. Our Handful of Home Canisters are available at a special discounted price of only $75 (from our normal price of $119.99). We want to help you and your family to visit the graves of your loved ones, and scatter Irish earth on their resting place, letting them rest in the land of Ireland, the land of their ancestors.

Honoring the memory of those we have loved at Halloween helps us hold a deeper understanding of how we are forever linked to our bloodline, our heritage. Our deceased family and friends never truly leave us. They live on in our memories and our hearts.