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The Irish are storytellers, adventure seekers, world travellers. We have set sail for new lives to different worlds for hundreds of years, but we never forget who we are.

Some of us found a new home in the United States for the first time to escape hunger and famine hundreds of years ago. We came to build cities, we came to build railroads. We followed the wagon trails to build our fortune across the land of America.

Some of us came to the United States to escape the Troubles in Ireland. The wars for independence that tore families apart, that took lives, that left us searching once more for a new place to call “home”.

But for the Irish, “home” never truly leaves us. No matter where we are, the land of our ancestors runs through our blood.

Aifric was born and raised in Dublin, but her family had followed the trail of hundreds of Irish before her. Her great grandfather fled to New York to escape persecution during the Irish War of Independence in 1919, and searched for a better life in Brooklyn. Her grand-aunts and uncles made their passage through Ellis Island. Some followed the gold rush out to Nevada, some stayed in Boston and New York.  

Home never truly leaves us. In creating Handful of Home, Aifric alongside Dominika wanted to help the millions of Irish in America do something powerful - to lay their loved ones to rest on the land of Ireland. Handful of Home brings a true sense of peace to families, knowing that they can lay their mothers or fathers to rest in the United States, but in the land of their forefathers.

So enjoy the feeling of the cool, damp earth on your fingertips. Inhale the smell of woodlands, mist, and gentle rains. Hold a true piece of your homeland in your hands.

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